Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Planning for the future is a part of everyday life. People plan ahead for most everything including school, vacations, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, etc. While it is common to plan for the unexpected by purchasing life, health and automobile insurance, many people overlook the need to plan for the inevitable.

One of the most caring, loving things you can do for your family is to pre-plan your funeral arrangements. The process is simple and the benefit to loved ones left to handle the arrangements is well recognized. Every week we hear from families who tell us how much it helped to have information placed on file and decisions made (and often paid for) in advance.

Planning for a funeral makes sense for many reasons. By making your decisions today, while in good health and under normal circumstances, you can help eliminate the possibility of making last minute, uninformed and overly expensive decisions.

In order to help you with the pre-planning process, we have put together forms with information that is normally necessary for the various legal and practical needs that arise following death. We encourage you to print the Personal Information and Funeral Service Instruction sheets and fill them out at your convenience. If you wish, you may fax the completed forms or mail them to us. Once we have received your information, we will keep it in a confidential file and mail you (or email) a letter of confirmation.

If you would like to meet with one of our funeral directors to further discuss pre-planning or pre-funding your arrangements, please call us at 316.262.3435 or email us.

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