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Welcome to the memorial page for

Marilyn Clare Hatfield

October 8, 1930 ~ January 20, 2019 (age 88)
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Message from Teresa Mauk
January 28, 2019 3:30 PM

I had the privilege of having Lyn as a teaching colleague at Wichita Northwest before she retired. She was a special lady and her blend of serenity and a good sense of humor resonated with her students and with me. She touched many people in her life and left us all the better for it.
Message from Hadley English Class 81-82
January 25, 2019 10:08 PM

Hadley Peeps (more of you then I probably realize) did you see where Mrs. Hatfield (English, Yearbook, Ski Trip chaperone, and one of the best teachers I ever had) passed away?
Kirsten Adams: No way! When? !?!
Mark Day: Sad news. I enjoyed Mrs. Hatfield. Barton Eilts Yes thanks for posting this Michelle Dial
Mark Day, Barton Eilts, Andrea Novaeangliae, Melissa Rosenquist, Ty Tabing I think we were in at least one of her classes together. Bart I remember us singing the refrain of Centerfold and she asked us to stop. We did and switched to I Love Rock & Roll. She didn't appreciate that either.
Christy Lyon Pickert: Thanks for sharing Michelle, I hadn’t heard. She was an awesome teacher, always reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. Classy lady.
Dean Flack: She was a great teacher, one of my favorite.
Andrea Novaeangliae: Oh how sad. I loved her. She was such a badass. I learned a lot from her. First time I ever took writing or English seriously. So beautiful and had her shit down pat. She was not going to put up with any of our crap ahahahaha. Yeah, she was on one of the ski trips I went on, first time I ever saw her WITH HER HAIR DOWN. I even took a picture of it. Well that is truly sad. Thanks for letting us know, Michelle Dial Christy Lyon Pickert: Andrea Novaeangliae Please post that picture if you can find it, would love to see it .
Andrea Novaeangliae I have it packed away some where. I will try to find it but can't promise. I just remember she smoked these super long brown cigarettes, she was having a wine, and she had let her hair down. And some of us went into her room, we were tipsy of course, and I asked if I could take a pic of her hair bc I was awe-struck and she laughed at me, ahahaha, but said yes
Michelle Dial: I remember her hair being almost as long as she was tall! Andrea Novaeangliae if you find the picture we can put it on her site page for the service. It's very telling how amazing she was; several have left messages about how she really inspired those who knew her.
Michelle Dial She was the only teacher I ever had who encouraged stream of conscience writing; and actually had us do it in class.
Said best by Barton Eilts "In 8th grade you don’t realize the affect some of those people will have on you for the rest of your life. But they really did help shape you."
Mrs. Hatfield-you changed lives
Message from Rebecca Janssen
January 25, 2019 8:25 AM

Mrs. Hatfield was my English teaching when I was in junior high school at Hadley. She was a strong, vibrant woman who somehow validated my own outspoken little self who was struggling to find her way. She exuded intelligence, strength and beauty in such an inspirational manner. Oh, she also taught me to love poetry! I know you will feel such a void in your life. May knowing that she was so helpful to so many help you to find comfort.
Message from Rev. Mel C. Montgomery
January 23, 2019 10:19 PM

Strange, I was just thinking of Mrs. Hatfield a few days ago. She was my English teacher at Hamilton Jr. High years ago. I was a smart aleck in her class, and she humiliated me in front of everyone--which was exactly what I needed. She was nice, but she was also in FULL CONTROL of her class. I remember a particular large student who cussed her out in front of the class. She stood right up to him and sent him to the principal's office. I grew to admire her. I always wanted to find Mrs. Hatfield and apologize to her for how rude I initially was to her. I can't say that to her now, but I can say "thank you" to her family for sharing her with me and with so many others. Godspeed, Mrs. Hatfield.
Message from Amy Schroeder
January 23, 2019 1:36 PM

This classy lady was my 9th grade English teacher at Hadley Junior High. She was thoughtful, understanding and had the patience of a saint. She left her imprint on me. I taught middle school LA for 20 years!! RIP, Mrs. Hatfield!!!
Message from Laurin Kirk
January 23, 2019 12:04 PM

I taught with Marilyn from 1970 to the mid to late seventies when she transferred to Northwest High. She was always a delight to sit with in the faculty lounge, or in morbid faculty meetings or especially the first day back to school after a wonderful summer's vacation. I was always loosing my mind over frustrations of teaching in a junior high school, but talking to Marilyn always smoothed out the sharp edges that each day presented. She always turned it into a comedy and that is what I liked most about her. All of my conversations with her were full of laughter at the ironies of that school. I have not been in contact with Marilyn for forty years, but her presence has been with me for all of that time. Knowing her made my life better. She for me was all about truth and facing it. I adored her and am sure her students did too. We all were so lucky to be touched by her.
Message from Judikay Boehringer
January 23, 2019 6:07 AM

Tim, please know my thoughts are with you. We are wintering on the Texas coast, so I will miss the service.

When I think of Lyn, I think of exercise. Whether we were walking the halls after school or dancing aerobics at Genesis, I was always amazed that someone so much older could always outdo me! She was a delightful person and will be missed.

Judikay Boehringer
Message from M. Turner
January 22, 2019 6:30 PM

Mrs. Hatfield. You are the reason I became a teacher and then went on to become a Counselor. I have talked about you my whole life.. explaining to people that I found a passion for teaching by watching you everyday in our North High English class. You had us read..then had us relate it back to life. My ambition to make a difference in kids lives started by watching you. I wanted to be like you. Rest easy my friend. Your legend lives on in all the lives you've touched.
Message from Michelle Dial-Dewey
January 23, 2019 1:12 AM

A terribly unhappy 14yr old girl in your class at a school she didn't want to attend. You brightened my days and gave me confidence I would never imagine. It's because you encouraged me to share my writing, and not be afraid of giving my opinions that I have been able to share freely the talent you generously nurtured. (Is that a run on sentence?) You have enhanced the lives of generations yet to be realized.
Michelle Dial-Dewey
Hadley Jr. High 81-82
P.S. I think of you every time I watch the movie "The Four Seasons"
Message from Jim Conley
January 22, 2019 1:33 AM

I hope some comfort comes to all of you through knowing how loved and respected she was by the extended family.
My memories of my Aunt Lyn go back more than 65 years, when I was a grade school boy in Oklahoma City. She was so kind and vibrant and smart. Later, I’m sure she was the first woman I knew who was outspoken on women’s rights and equality. Such strength!
I’m sure she was a great mom. When her two boys came along, she loved talking about their interests and accomplishments. And they, like my Aunt Lyn and Uncle Rog, have always been a joy to be around. What a wonderful legacy.
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